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Matthew Harris and David Hockney

A wonderful day in London yesterday, thanks to my friend Christine who drove me up to her gorgeous flat in Bloomsbury.

We spent a couple of happy hours with most of the population in the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy, wow,

A staggering body of work. not only was the work incredibly colourful and optimistic, but the mood seemed to be transferred to the audience who chattered excitedly throughout. When the subject was his Yorkshire, the paintings really shone from the canvas which for me were more successful than those from other walks, and the energy from the site painted works in contrast to the studio painted was marked. Hockney has developed a refined skill with his Ipad. i have had a short ‘play’ with an Ipad and it is not straightforward to get such results. Finally two fascinating rooms, the first two nine screen videos, where the cameras were fixed to the bonnet of a landrover, travelling slowly through this landscape which was such a calming experience in the midst of all the bustle. Last and certainly not least, Hockney’s generosity in displaying his sketchbooks was the highlight for me, they are so personal and revealing, they were a delight.

Then to Tate Britain for the Picasso Exhibition which was pleasantly calm, an interesting sequence of rooms pairing his work with a number of British artists, notably Ben Nicholson, Henry Moore and David Hockney

Our last Adventure of the day was to the small but delighful exhibition at Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery in Percy Street showing Matthew Harris’s work alongside the mosaics of his partner Cleo Mussi. This is a must see body of textile work and I am still toying with buying one of his small pieces, I know I will regret it if I let the opportunity pass

Many thanks to Christine for a wonderful, if exhausting day!

By susanmchapman

stitched textiles, tutor Eastleigh College Visual Arts school, freelance tutor and lecturer

2 replies on “Matthew Harris and David Hockney”

i know what you mean but this exhibition really blew everyone away, it is staggering, thirteen rooms, one of which has 51 paintings alone, sorry you are so far away, i think you might have been sold on his work, the smoking thing is i think generational, my father never believed the link even though mum died from emphesymia(!spelling!)

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