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New Year Resolutions

A new year, how wonderful, a blank page, where do we start.

Let’s start with some New Year resolutions, no, I don’t mean lose weight, get organised, eat healthier, get more exercise. These are annual events that last a varying amount of time into the year.

I mean artistic plans. Refresh your ideas. Make a fresh start.

Here is a plan.

Think about the work you create, spend time just thinking

Write a few sentences to describe your work at the moment, write about the techniques you use by all means, but then write about what your work says, what it means to you, why do you make it

Write a few sentences to describe your aspirations for your work, again techniques you hope to try, or continue to develop, write about what you want your work to say, what you want it to mean.

Write some plans.  Do you want to study more? Do you want to exhibit? Do you want to work alone? Do you want to join a group? Do you want to gather  a group of makers together? Start a group? Do you want to earn from your stitch?

Now, make your artistic resolutions and go for it!!!

This time of the year is a time for looking through seed catalogues and planning what to plant where in your garden for the coming seasons. Then, decisions made, start ordering. It’s just the same for your artistic development, now is the time!





By susanmchapman

stitched textiles, tutor Eastleigh College Visual Arts school, freelance tutor and lecturer

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