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A Bit of an Announcement

Tomorrow we start setting up the end of year show for all our textile students, exciting times… I have already posted the details of this in my previous posts, hope to see you there. when the show is over, the textiles department which currently resides in Cranbury Room 6 is on the move! during the summer we are packing everything up and moving to Desborough which is where our shows have been for the last few years. it is a large bright room on the first floor, never fear, there is a lift …as with any move there are advantages and disadvantages … being a half full kind of girl, the advantages are that we will join a very successful art and design department which has facilities which we never had access to in Cranbury, it has a cafe in the daytime!!! and we will have a proper sort out of all our resources. disadvantage is the huge upheaval and settling in time, but it will be shipshape by September. and .. in the daytime there won’t be student parking .. but there will in the evening and on Saturdays… in the daytime it is proposed that you will be able to drive in and unload but then park elsewhere…. there is 2 and 4 hour parking on the streets …just look at the signs so you dont go wrong there .. and it has been suggested that we might be able to park at Cranbury but that is not confirmed yet, I am working on it ….for those of you with mobility issues, it is possible for me to get special passes for you  to park at Desborough.

so, plans are being made, boxes are being delivered … do come and see where we will be and see the show at the same time….

By susanmchapman

stitched textiles, tutor Eastleigh College Visual Arts school, freelance tutor and lecturer

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