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Festival of Quilts – on my way

Just beginning to load the car for travelling up to Birmingham tomorrow early …
lots of teaching Kits completed…crates of stuff everywhere… just how much stuff do we need for four days!!!
Come and say hello, I will be on QIA23 and teaching on Friday and Sunday mornings.
I think Friday is full, ‘Collagraphs using a pasta maker’ but there may be a couple of spaces on ‘Making your Mark’.
Hope to see you there.
This year Linda Onions is taking her first stand, she will be next door to me on QIA24 we should have the wall removed so we can mind each others stand, so come and say Hi to her too. Linda is now our other stitch tutor at Eastleigh College and has just completed a Cert Ed qualification as well as graduating from the Foundation Degree in Stitched Textiles that I am course manager for. Although she has been teaching for years.
She is teaching a couple of Quick and Easy workshops over the weekend, one is a crazy patchwork needlecase and the other is called vanishing point … I guarantee there is no maths involved but relates to her highly successful quilt ‘Der Whoosh’ which was in the Spotlight gallery last year. Again, I think there are a couple of spaces so go and get one the class, she is a wonderful teacher.
I have one more bit of news to announce which will be a bit later when I am all loaded …so please check back in a while … it’s exciting!

By susanmchapman

stitched textiles, tutor Eastleigh College Visual Arts school, freelance tutor and lecturer

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