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Happy New Year!

Well, here we are, on the brink of a new year. What will it hold, it would be great to see into the future wouldn’t it …

But at least we have hopes and dreams and plans….

I have an extremely challenging couple of years coming up with deadlines all over the place, so here I am sharing my plan to achieve it all… not infallible, but its the way I approach  these challenges with enthusiasm and excitement …

First of all BE POSITIVE … there is no room for negativity.. no such thing as can’t….

DO NOT TRY TO BE PERFECT because that is the fast route to disappointment… just do the best that you can at that moment… it may have been different in the past and may be in the future … but this is today…

The mantra by which I live and work is ‘JUST DO IT’ , start at the beginning… i need to write things down, it may be complete nonsense to begin with, may feel very self conscious at the start, but, I promise ‘JUST DOING IT’ will lead to something… just keep going, we are all guilty of giving up too soon, if we work through all the feelings of getting nowhere, persevere, something will happen…

The practical activity to consider is to use a planner chart or diary …. start by putting all the final dates for each project … then divide each project into stages…

For instance … a quilt for festival of quilts in august …. a list of stages maybe…

final posting date, make bag and pack quilt, take photographs of final quilt, finish quilting, edges and hanging system, stretch quilt, make quilt top, final date to enter quilt, design process…

Now enter the final dates of each stage on the planner

Do this for all the projects you need to achieve in the year

Then, starting at the beginning of the planner you have a clear timetable to work to in the full knowledge that it will all be done in time as long as you stick to the timetable in front of you ….

It’s as simple as that … don’t worry about the mountains you have to climb, just achieve the next step in the timetable

Here endeth the new year lecture!!!

On that note I am heading off to my local pub to see the New Year in with my neighbours… tomorrow I will make my year’s planner/diary and off I go in 2015…. keep coming back here, there are a lot of new things happening this year,and I will share the progress… Tomorrow I will share a  save the date, information on some exciting exhibitions for 2015, and a couple of new ventures will follow shortly

Lots of love and lots of creative wishes coming your way

Susan xxx

By susanmchapman

stitched textiles, tutor Eastleigh College Visual Arts school, freelance tutor and lecturer

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