Matthew Harris

on Sunday 16th March my final year students on the Foundation Degree at Eastleigh College organised and hosted an afternoon tea with Matthew Harris as the invited speaker. it was very successful with over 130 tickets sold. Here area few pics to whet your appetite. This is the second of these events, tea with Alice Kettle being the first last year. There is a move to make this an annual event which I am considering at the moment.

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FdA Stitched textiles graduation 2013

here are some photos of our second group of graduates from Eastleigh College who received their degrees at winchester cathedral last week

KDP_ 015KDP_ 004

the graduates with their stunning tutors!

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Somerset Art Weeks

Whew! Just back from a long weekend in Somerset at the invitation of a friend, Cathy Fox, to her wonderful home in Dinder. We dashed around Somerset visiting an amazing array of artist’s studios and met some really interesting people. All were great in their own way, but i must mention ,for all stitchers, you must visit Pink Wood where some of the 62Group have staged an exhibition in amongst the woods, real skill and a lot of humour, it is not to be missed and  this is the last week, ends on Sunday. also Chris Lee in Wells at the back of the art shop , wonderful pen and wash drawings of local buildings together with Liz whose house it was, a fab framer and cake maker , together with Jo’s delightful ceramics. On the last day we visited the amazing steel sculptures from Ian Marlow and met Emma, the smallest and daintiest blacksmith ever in Pylle.


So much going on in Somerset, i will definitely be back next year if my wallet allows!

artists exhibitions

summer activity now the show is over

well the show is finished now, taking down is certainly a lot quicker than setting up

so, summer is now stretching out before classes start again in sept/oct. i am happy to report that there has been a lot of interest in our classes at eastleigh college so am pretty confident that they will enrol

but dont let your creativity subside during the break .. try and keep a daybook and record your activities during the summer .. maybe keep to one area of interest or just keep it general .. sketches, stitch, photos, found objects anything goes .. try to add something everyday .. i shall do the same ….and i will post some ideas from time to time. try and get to exhibitions where ever you find yourselves .. the saturday guardian has a leaflet called ‘the guide’ which will show you whats on at galleries around the country, i wont list them here but picasso at tate liverpool and sashiko textiles at plymouth museum stand out for me

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louise bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois died this week aged 98 and still working. I first became aware of her work when one of her huge spiders (Maman) was installed in the turbine hall of the Tate Modern in London. I have been greatly influenced by her in the years since then. She had an exhibition in the winter of 2007/8 at Tate Modern  which showed her versatility and the variety of materials she used for her sculptures

She used her life experiences as the basis of her work and showed her anger at some of the things that had happened to her, famously aimed at her father’s mistress

If you google her name you will find reference to an article in the daily telegraph and also the guardian as well as a myriad of other images and words about her and her life