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studio opens

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what fun, around 50 visitors came to celebrate the opening of our studio today.. it is an amazing space, made possible with the help of many friends… especially Andy who has worked tirelessly, his ideas have been an inspiration considering he thought he was just building som frames for my new body of work .. seeing the notes scribbled on a scrap of paper at our local pub come to fruition has been wonderful. a very happy day with lots of sign-ups… thanks for everyone’s support

studio sink

An Appeal

Some of you will know that I am busy fitting out my studio at home and now I have velux windows and a new floor.

All i need now is a catering sink and I will be good to go …. Has anyone out there got a catering sink that i could buy from them please , … doesn’t need to be pristine because I am going to use it for dyes ….a nice deep sink to rinse my screens is what I am after, preferably with a draining board.. and preferably in Hampshire or reasonably close ….

hope someone can help, have tried ebay and gumtree, but they are all in the north of england … maybe people in the south just through them away? Can’t really afford a brand new one